Thursday, November 27, 2008


So i'm not a stranger to blogging, but i usually just blog on myspace to vent my frustrations, so i thought i would give "nice" blogging a try. I have some friends and family who have introduced me to this site so..."thank you."

For the next couple of months i will be "boring" you with at my wedding planning, details, drama, and excitment. YAY for everyone out there. I will be getting married on March 14, and the days are FLYING by. I can't believe how fast the day is approaching! When we got engaged almost a year ago, i thought that would give me plenty of time, but i'm not so sure it has (or i have been putting things off for to long) i have been bitten by the stress bug a few times already. I can't imagine how many bites i will have by March.

Well i just thought i would share a little. Josh and I are in Lincoln at Jessica's house and we are STUFFED from a full day of eatting and all the family time. So you will be hearing or "reading" from me again soon...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!