Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got Cake??

Josh and I spent a very long day out at the Events Center here in Grand Island for the Bridal Expo today, and got to have a lil fun too (well Josh did anyway). The grooms could fill out a card at the door and have it put into a box, the lady at the didn't tell us what it was for at the time. After walking around for a little bit a lady Josh knows comes up to him and ask him if he is ready for the cake eating contest!! You should have seen the look of horror!! Needless to say there wasn't been grooms out there so Yes his name did get called!! In one of the cakes a plastic ring was hidden and if you found it in your cake then the prize was a necklace from Riddles!! Joshy didn't have the cake with the ring, but he did get some nice "haul" rope!! He loves me 100% after forcing him to go with me today!!! HAHA he was not impressed, he said the cake was gross!! He sured looked pretty with it all over his face though! If you watched NTV tonight you could have caught a lil glimpse of him!

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The Brink Blog said...

I missed it??!! That had to have been a classic!! Tell him it's just practice for the cake eating at the reception!!