Wednesday, December 31, 2008


All of our running around lately has finally caught up with me!! I woke up yesterday morning at about 4 a.m. not feeling so great! After spending about four hours in the bathroom...i had to force myself to get ready for a job interview that i had at 10. It was pretty touch and go there for awhile! Slowly through out the day i lost my "pukey" feeling, and now all i have is my severe sore throat and a scratchy voice! So i don't think they are going to be any crazy plans for New Years this year!


Bridal Shower

Finally had my first bridal was a blast! Aunt Sharron and Aunt Charlotte had it for me in Geneva for the Bumgarner side of the family. Got to met a lot of people who i probably never would have met if they hadn't come to the shower! Got a lot of GREAT gifts and had some yummy food! Josh was surprised at how much stuff i brought home...he even got some tools and light bulbs! The littles things make him so happy! Thank everyone for the great shower and great gifts!! I can't believe the wedding is almost here....AHHHH!

Christmas Gatherings

After a busy week and half things i have finally slowed i figured i would do a little updating on the blog.

We had a total of six Christmas's this year...we were worn out at the end. We had our first Christmas with my brother and his family!! It was so nice to finally spend a holiday with them. Then we had Christmas Eve with my family at my sisters! Ate way to much junk food (thanks Uncle Mike). Josh got a tool box that he had been eyeing for a couple he was pretty happy about that! Josh and I finally got to spend our FIRST Christmas morning together after four years!! We spoiled each other pretty good with "practial" gifts (we had to be able to use them everyday). Christmas day was packed full we had breakfast at Doug & Carolyns then went to Hastings and had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Lees and then back to Doug & Carolyns again for gifts!! Jeesh i got tired again just reading what all we did. Then Sunday was the Bumgarner Christmas in Geneva!!

Hopefully next year things won't be so GO GO GO and we can enjoy then Holiday's!

Friday, December 26, 2008


It seems like we have been on the GO GO GO for the last week or so. With christmas programs, birthdays, new baby, and all our christmas's i (or should i say we) are beyond wore out!

I am VERY excited about tomorrow though...i have my first shower!! YAY! It's all sort of becoming surreal that the wedding is only a couple of months away. Along with all my excitment i have...comes the stress. Excitement is winning by landslide though :-) We have started to make a list of everything that still needs to be done...i guess we saved all the BIG stuff for last! I will be updating more tomorrow maybe to share all my fun i have at my shower!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

McKaya Leigh.
8 lbs 7 ozs.
19' long.

I'm an Aunt again

My sister Sam finally had here baby on 12-23-08 at 2:34 a.m.!! We were beginning to think that she was never going to come and met us, but finally she is here! Her name is McKaya Leigh, and she was welcomed by two big sisters Savannah Marie, and Addalyn Mae. She was born on my Aunt Lynn's birthday who passed away a few years ago! She is so chubby and cute!! I would post pictures...just haven't figured out how!

I can't believe Christmas is already here...YAY!! I also CAN'T believe that i have my first wedding shower this weekend...AHHH!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

All fixed up!

After dealing with what has to be one of the biggest morons on earth (Dr. Hull a dentist here in GI) i finally got my tooth all fixed up! Hopefully this will hold up until after the wedding!!

The first dentist i went to this morning was a comple ASS...Dr. Hull WOULDN'T recommend him to my worst enemy! I finally get into my dentist, and he has me all fixed up in less than an hour! :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"BOO" to this day

Doing dishes this afternoon, i feel one of my front teeth on the bottom kind of move. So i yell downstairs for Josh to come up and look to see if it really did move or if i was just imaging things. Of course he is like "oh my gosh....what did you do" so i get a little nervous. I didn't want to go look, but i did and i don't see any difference. Silly boys always make things worse than they are. I figure maybe there is such something between my teeth and i will floss it out. I go get my floss, and start going going at my teeth. I get to the tooth that was irritating me, and i instantly know that something was not right!

I guess i should tell the story of this poor tooth. It started to get me trouble like 18 years ago i think...when i knocked it out after i had lost it the first time. So it's had a cap on it for awhile. For those of you that knew me during high was only "half" a tooth! Well it's baaaack! I did the same thing to this tooth back in March. So i went to the denist and he did a "quick" fix...just useing the same thing they use for fillings and building the tooth until i came back in to get the cap put back on. Well i never went back...i thought for sure this would last until after the wedding! SURPRISE! So i will be going to the dentist at 8:45 tomorrow morning!!

So back to what actually happened! The cap has fallen off yet once again! I can't wait until this day is over!!! The cold does nothing for how sensitive the tooth is! BOOOOO!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


With Josh not working right now (roofing is a little hard to do in the cold) we have gotten to spend A LOT of time together. We do pretty good, but the last couple of days the "boredom" has started to set in. So we have been finding (or trying to find) things to keep us busy!!

On Friday we went over to Carolyn's and made cookies...well Carolyn and I did, Josh played on the computer and bugged us! It was FUN! We also stayed over for supper. She was making beef & noodles, and Josh had been wanting that for was so good!

I can't remember what we did it must not have been that much fun! :-)

Sunday we were pretty lazy most of the day, then went over to Giltner and had dinner with some of our friends! Mandy made homemade chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes!! So good! Then played a couple rounds of the new game "Life-Twists and Turns"!! It was a fun night!!

This week has been pretty relaxing! We got the rest of our christmas shopping done! YAY! Right now as i am doing this Josh is putting duct tape over the insulation in the windows in the basement!! It has been really cold down here (it's not a finished basement) so Josh did some investigating today and found a draft coming through the windows!! Hopefully it will start to warm up down here!

I just remembered what we did Saturday!! We babysat my neice Addalyn so Sam and Trevor could do christmas shopping before the new baby comes!! Which will be any day now!! I am so excited!

I am going to start doing a better job of updating this thing so i don't always have such long posts! Hopefully i will be able to tell all my fun stories of playing in the snow...if we EVER get enough to play in!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A little catch up

So i may have completely forgot that i started this blog. HAHA! Guess that is what i get for starting it at 1 A.M. It has been a pretty eventful couple days since i last blogged! Strange for Josh and I...we are usually pretty boring!

We spent last Friday in Lincoln! Josh went to the game, and I hung out with Jessica (joshy's sister) we did a little of this and that. You know the usual girl stuff....SHOPPING!! We had a birthday dinner for me later that night! It was so good...THANKS Jess! Got some fabulous gifts! It was a blast!

I would be totally OK to erase Saturday from my memory though! We went and had some drinks for my sister Trina's birthday (ok maybe more than a few). It was a fun night, until somewhere around 1:30 i spent the next 8 hours on the bathroom floor! Won't go into detail, i'm sure you can figure out why! Sunday...well Sunday was a rough day for me!

We did manage to fit in some Christmas the tree up and it even has presents under it already! :-) Josh got to hang outside lights for the first time...he loved it! He wants to advertise in the paper to hang Christmas lights! I love him :-)

We did finally figure out how we are going to fill our pales for the center pieces (thanks to me). It has been a long battle trying to decide what to do, and of all the things we come up with it's...FOAM! The kind of foam that Josh sprays on ruff's!!! We were driving to my sister's and doing a little brainstorming when it hit me...UREKA!! I was very proud of myself, Josh was a little peeved that he didn't think of it! So one small step toward the top of our list of wedding details we need to finish up!

Spent the evening with Trina in Lincoln tonight, and got to see Jess and Kayin too! Didn't turn out to be to bad of a day considering i work up horribly sick at 5 A.M.!! That's all for now, wanted to do a little catch up! Next blogs won't be so long!