Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Gatherings

After a busy week and half things i have finally slowed i figured i would do a little updating on the blog.

We had a total of six Christmas's this year...we were worn out at the end. We had our first Christmas with my brother and his family!! It was so nice to finally spend a holiday with them. Then we had Christmas Eve with my family at my sisters! Ate way to much junk food (thanks Uncle Mike). Josh got a tool box that he had been eyeing for a couple he was pretty happy about that! Josh and I finally got to spend our FIRST Christmas morning together after four years!! We spoiled each other pretty good with "practial" gifts (we had to be able to use them everyday). Christmas day was packed full we had breakfast at Doug & Carolyns then went to Hastings and had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Lees and then back to Doug & Carolyns again for gifts!! Jeesh i got tired again just reading what all we did. Then Sunday was the Bumgarner Christmas in Geneva!!

Hopefully next year things won't be so GO GO GO and we can enjoy then Holiday's!

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