Tuesday, December 9, 2008


With Josh not working right now (roofing is a little hard to do in the cold) we have gotten to spend A LOT of time together. We do pretty good, but the last couple of days the "boredom" has started to set in. So we have been finding (or trying to find) things to keep us busy!!

On Friday we went over to Carolyn's and made cookies...well Carolyn and I did, Josh played on the computer and bugged us! It was FUN! We also stayed over for supper. She was making beef & noodles, and Josh had been wanting that for awhile...it was so good!

I can't remember what we did Saturday...so it must not have been that much fun! :-)

Sunday we were pretty lazy most of the day, then went over to Giltner and had dinner with some of our friends! Mandy made homemade chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes!! So good! Then played a couple rounds of the new game "Life-Twists and Turns"!! It was a fun night!!

This week has been pretty relaxing! We got the rest of our christmas shopping done! YAY! Right now as i am doing this Josh is putting duct tape over the insulation in the windows in the basement!! It has been really cold down here (it's not a finished basement) so Josh did some investigating today and found a draft coming through the windows!! Hopefully it will start to warm up down here!

I just remembered what we did Saturday!! We babysat my neice Addalyn so Sam and Trevor could do christmas shopping before the new baby comes!! Which will be any day now!! I am so excited!

I am going to start doing a better job of updating this thing so i don't always have such long posts! Hopefully i will be able to tell all my fun stories of playing in the snow...if we EVER get enough to play in!

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michaela jane robertshaw garrett said...

I didn't know Sam was expecting again. How exciting!!