Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"BOO" to this day

Doing dishes this afternoon, i feel one of my front teeth on the bottom kind of move. So i yell downstairs for Josh to come up and look to see if it really did move or if i was just imaging things. Of course he is like "oh my gosh....what did you do" so i get a little nervous. I didn't want to go look, but i did and i don't see any difference. Silly boys always make things worse than they are. I figure maybe there is such something between my teeth and i will floss it out. I go get my floss, and start going going at my teeth. I get to the tooth that was irritating me, and i instantly know that something was not right!

I guess i should tell the story of this poor tooth. It started to get me trouble like 18 years ago i think...when i knocked it out after i had lost it the first time. So it's had a cap on it for awhile. For those of you that knew me during high was only "half" a tooth! Well it's baaaack! I did the same thing to this tooth back in March. So i went to the denist and he did a "quick" fix...just useing the same thing they use for fillings and building the tooth until i came back in to get the cap put back on. Well i never went back...i thought for sure this would last until after the wedding! SURPRISE! So i will be going to the dentist at 8:45 tomorrow morning!!

So back to what actually happened! The cap has fallen off yet once again! I can't wait until this day is over!!! The cold does nothing for how sensitive the tooth is! BOOOOO!


Lane said...

Yikes! Hope I don't have to Photoshop to fill the gap in your smile on your wedding day!


Maggie Jo said...

O jeesh me either!! And the dentist i went to this morning was a complete MORON!! So you might have to do some photoshoping anyways...haha! Gotta love Grand Island.

The Brink Blog said...

Josh just called me about your tooth and your experience with the dentist. Sounded like an ass****!! I know mom really liked her dentist...not sure who he is, but if mom liked him, that says a lot about him because she despises going to the dentist!!