Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shower Fun

Who doesn't love a day when it's all about yourself and you get presents!! I know i sure love them!! I had my shower on Saturday and it was a blast!! Got to see some family that i hadn't seen in a while...so that was great!! Thanks for coming everyone that came!! Got some great gifts. If only wal-mart could figure out how to work their registry...we got a lot of doubles at this shower!! O wells though. I'm so thankful for everything that my sister Trina has done for us...she is pretty amazing!

The tables were decorated with our engagment pictures, silver stuff, and pink petals--super cute!! We had some delicious cup cakes...shaped like a diamond ring (B you are so crafty). It was just a pretty fabulous day!! I can't believe how quick everything is happening!! AHHHH!

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